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Pilots, spotters, preservationists and armchair aviation enthusiasts all welcome! Already featured are many vintage aircraft photographs , some dating to the war, others taken in the s and s at airfields and airshows around the country. Some wartime piston-engined aircraft, now revered amongst the aviation community, are shown in the early s when their value was minimal, and were destined for the chop, or to see out their days on a fire dump somewhere. Moving into the jet age, there are some super photographs of aircraft such as the B1 and B2 Avro Vulcan, the prototype Concorde in action, the delta-winged Gloster Javelin, the groundbreaking Meteor, the Valiant, Super Sabres, and even an under-wing view of the Tupolev TU The classic aircraft photographs shown on the right are just a taster for the type of images that are on the site already, and will be added in as time allows. Needless to say, if you have anything that you think may be of interest, by all means drop me an email. Photos of aircraft either civilian or military would be much appreciated! I’ve been interested in aviation from a young age. Sadly airshows at both these airfields are no more, although a white RAF B2 Vulcan can still be spied at the Woodford airfield where it was built by Avro in the 50s from a distance away. In those days s were not a common sight, so diversion days, when London was fogbound, caused great excitement amongst pencil-wielding spotters, as many many heavies from previously unseen airlines would stop over at Manchester.

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Here, a comprehensive updated assessment of aviation is provided. Scientific advances since the assessment have reduced key uncertainties, sharpening the quantitative evaluation, yet the basic conclusions remain the same. The climate impact of aviation is driven by long-term impacts from CO2 emissions and shorter-term impacts from non-CO2 emissions and effects, which include the emissions of water vapour, particles and nitrogen oxides NOx. According to two SRES-compatible scenarios, future forcings may increase by factors of 3—4 over levels, in

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Taga Works, Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture February 18, J-HangarSpace paid a visit to an interesting collection of former SDF aircraft kept in pristine condition at a little-known engineering company in the Kansai region of central Japan. The small port town of Gunge, located on the west coast of the island, has a resident population of only around 1, people. It was to this haven that the company now known as Mitsu Seiki moved in The fabrication of cylinders primarily for car engines was commenced in The multi-coloured bobbins form part of a knitting machine that features Mitsu Seiki precision components.

The Mitsu Seiki group of companies currently employs around at its cluster of three factory locations on Awaji. Having commenced the full-scale manufacture of jet engine casings and landing gear components in , the company now counts Kawasaki, IHI, and ShinMaywa among its customers for these products. The aim of placing aircraft on display was threefold: Providing hands-on experience during arranged visits, the Taga factory complex is a popular destination for schools in the area.

Indoor Display Area As is customary, visitors are required to exchange their outdoor shoes for slippers before stepping onto the carpet in the foyer of the administrative block. More information on individual exhibits is provided in the photo captions. Please note that the use of flash photography was avoided as far as possible to produce a truer image. Above and below These two shots allow a comparison to be made between the instrumentation provided for the student pilot in the front cockpit and that of the instructor in the rear.

The nosewheel left and starboard mainwheel of the Fuji T

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You’d need to find someone better versed in UK law than I to figure out that murky legal area though. Of course it can very well be argued that ATC and aircraft transmitters ARE licensed as without a license they would not be allowed to transmit in the UK. The last sentence of the statement is telling, seems to indicate that the restriction is only for pirate stations. The general position in the UK and many other commonwealth countries, as I understand it is that airband transmissions are not “general reception transmissions”, which means it’s a crime to listen to them unless you’re an “authorised person”.

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Zimbabwe 1 Good pilots are the product of good flight training. To become the best pilot you can be you need to start by finding the best flight school based on your training needs. All pilots are not created equal and there is not one flight training organisation that is the best option for everyone. To get the most out of your training, it is important you first set yourself some goals. You can have a very casual arrangement with a flying club or school situated at your local airport, flying as often as time and money permits.

One is not necessarily better than the other, and they both offer some clear advantages.

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Aircraft financiers often structure deals so they may repossess the aircraft as: As well as providing security, a key function of the mortgage is preventing the aircraft’s deregistration from the civil aircraft register in the country from which it operates. To fulfil these functions, the mortgage should be registrable in that country and valid under the law a court enforcing the mortgage would say governs its creation.

A review is being launched into airlines’ seating policies, the Civil Aviation Authority says. It will examine whether companies are deliberately splitting up groups of passengers so they pay to.

She comes complete with MOD F as well as a detailed print out log of all the flights ever flown including landing, take-off, rollers and arrested landings she ever performed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The aircraft was fully assembled on 7th December prior to us dismantling and extracting for road haulage. The photos showing the assembled aircraft were taken that day prior to disasembly.

Aircraft was fully fueled with a defuel conducted on 3rd November when external power was last applied. All fuel pumps were run during the defuel process. Internal battery electrical power was last applied on 7th Dec as part of the dismantling process and cockpit lighting systems tested at this time. The aircraft is now in storage in a heated hangar as per the photo below. The aircraft was hydraulically sound prior to being dismantled with accumulators charged.

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BBA and cut its price target to p from p. Story provided by StockMarketWire. Fri 21 Sep Firstmark was a provider components and subsystems for the aerospace and defence industries. Firstmark was expected to be

BOC Aviation claims that the security deposit, which is a course of redress in such matters, was also inadequate to cover the payments that Kingfisher was “contractually bound” to make.

Earlier, he’d been awarded another medal, the Star Trio. He was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying his bomber into the centre of a formation of some 30 German planes. He and his observer shot three down in flames and sent two others crashing to the ground. He had sent a postcard sent to his half-sister Ethel in Bermuda after he was injured twice on the front line.

He and his wife had a daughter, Ilys Spurling Marsh, who was brought up at “Penarth”, the family home in Rosemont Avenue. Her father rarely talked about his wartime experiences, including the heroics which led to his DFC. Her father, known as Rowe, was born in and joined the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps in February , sailing with the first war contingent for England in May and soon after being posted to the Lincolnshire Regiment.

His postcard to Ethel describes how was “wounded in the hand” on July 3 and returned to the front to be “wounded in the foot and buried for a few hours” on July

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Founded in , is regarded as being the first true aviation company in the world. It was the first in the world to manufacture an aircraft designed by Wilbur and Orville Wright. It has since produced many fine aircraft, too numerous to name. To give an idea of the expertise which this company possesses, in it produced the first all-metal aircraft when the experts said that it could not be done.

Xced Aviation Services was launched in as an aviation ground support equipment finance and asset management subsidiary of Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. Sasser Family Holdings is a 4 th.

Send along your aircraft livery and aircraft, and they’ll see what they can render for you. The computer generated renderings are quite striking. These models are high res and are intended for film work, visualisation, and digital art. Also a growing selection of aviation art using the latest in high end 3D modelling techniques.

Any classic aircraft can be re-created digitally to your requirements. You specify exactly the colour scheme you require to make the print uniquely yours. Coverage includes the entire Southeastern United States, and beyond through a network of aerial photographers. Aerial photo and video services. Consulting about UAV for agriculture and inspection services. Pilots can add their photos and share them with others, including people who only dream of flying. Pictures can be copy protected and remain the property of the photographers.

Backed by a professional photolab and digital suite.

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Bristol Boxkite overflies Stonehenge Image Credit: Creative Commons GNU 1. The squadron was equipped with Hawker Hurricanes by and formed part of the British forces sent to France. During World War Two, following a Heavy bombardment of the Bristol Aeroplane Company by the Luftwaffe in , a squadron of Supermarine Spitfires were stationed at Filton to defend the critical infrastructure from further attack. Bristol Blenheim Formation in During the war, Bristol produced large numbers of their Blenheim , Beaufort , Beaufighter and Brigand aircraft at Filton as well as assembling tremendous numbers of US Aircraft that were sent via ship across the Atlantic.

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This job will require you to perform at the best of your ability at all times. As a Pilot, you may: Take part in antisubmarine warfare and mine countermeasures, as well as search and rescue operations and vertical replenishment missions Receive specialized training on the advanced tactical systems found on Navy aircraft Project aviation power in fighter and attack, reconnaissance, and sea control missions.

Conduct enemy surveillance by collecting photographic intelligence As an NFO, you may: Study aerodynamics, aircraft engine systems, meteorology, navigation, flight planning and flight safety Train and specialize in EA G Growler electronic countermeasures aircraft, E-2C Hawkeye early warning and control aircraft, or the new P-8A Poseidon antisubmarine aircraft Electronically detect and track ships, submarines, aircraft and missiles Work Environment As a Navy Pilot or an NFO, missions and assignments can be anywhere around the globe.

This includes working from carrier battle groups, or other sea-based platforms, and at Naval Air Stations or other locations on shore. Currently, this position in the Navy Reserve is open only to prior or current military aviators and Naval Flight Officers. Serving part-time as a Reservist, your duties will be carried out during your scheduled drilling and training periods. For Annual Training, Naval Aviators may serve anywhere in the world, whether on a ship at sea or at bases or Naval Air Stations on shore.

From there, prospective Pilots and NFOs attend primary flight training. Pilots and NFOs then request an aircraft pipeline and enter the intermediate phase of flight training, which builds upon basic flight and navigation training. The final phase is advanced naval flight training, focusing on mission specifics. Promotion opportunities are regularly available but competitive and based on performance. Most of what you do in the Navy Reserve is considered training.

Airlines probed over ‘confusing’ seating policy

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Japanese Aviation Museums. National Museum of Nature and Science Ueno Park, Tokyo December 17, Japan’s venerable National Museum of Nature and Science consists of a Main Building dating back to , and a modern, six-level annexe that was added in

Earlier, he’d been awarded another medal, the Star Trio. He was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying his bomber into the centre of a formation of some 30 German planes. He and his observer shot three down in flames and sent two others crashing to the ground. He had sent a postcard sent to his half-sister Ethel in Bermuda after he was injured twice on the front line. He and his wife had a daughter, Ilys Spurling Marsh, who was brought up at “Penarth”, the family home in Rosemont Avenue.

Her father rarely talked about his wartime experiences, including the heroics which led to his DFC.


The reality is much drier. This is fine Credit: Broadly speaking, that is when two aircraft have gotten closer together than they should have done.

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But this week, by chance, I rediscovered it. She was delayed, so I watched the performance by myself. I moved to the front to join 30 confused and delighted school children. The show was outside, on one of those sunny days when the Southbank is the happiest place on Earth. This contains short stories, written in the voice of an Orbison clingfilm fetishist. Each story is a contrived set-up, leading inevitably to Roy Orbison being wrapped in clingfilm. Being a mono-maniac with time to burn, I immediately looked for books about aeroplanes.

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